Tips to Find a Makeup Artist

written on Wed 16 March 2016 by

If you’re looking for a makeup artist you have many options at However, selecting the right one can be tough since there are so many issues to consider. Choosing the wrong one could mean a disaster, while making a good choice could provide 100 % customer satisfaction. The key is to take the right steps to select your makeup professional. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Have hair done before makeup
The main reason is that the heat involved in various hair treatments can actually melt the makeup applied by a makeup artist. That’s definitely a situation you want to avoid especially if you’re having your hair and makeup for a big event, photo shoot, etc. Besides that, the cost of having your makeup redone could be twice as high, so it might not only be an issue involving inconvenience but also higher costs. You can avoid such a problem by simply having your hairstylist do your hair before a makeup artist does your makeup. Problem solved.

2. Learn about an artist’s techniques
It’s highly advisable to learn about the general types of techniques used by a makeup artist. There are many different styles that they can use, but you might feel more comfortable about the use of various styles, and especially when certain types of makeup are being applied. There are also other issues to consider so it’s always advisable to learn about the basic techniques that will be used. You don’t have to become a makeup expert yourself, but you should certainly learn about the basics of the artist.

3. Ask for a trial run
It’s helpful if a makeup artist is willing to do a trial run before the big event. The reason is that it’s important that everything goes well before the big event. On the other hand, if everything isn’t prepared to a tee, you could have problems on the big day. You can avoid many such situations by doing a trial run.

4. Select a professional makeup artist
As when hiring other professionals it’s important to choose a makeup artist who’s professional. That involves various issues such as attire and grooming, keeping appointments. The quality of the actual work that’s done is also important, but you should also consider various indicators of professionalism. It’s important because it will help to make your makeup session a smoother one.

5. Choose someone you can trust
This is much more an exact process than it might seem. Of course you should go by your sixth sense about whether or not you think a particular makeup artist such as
will provide good service. However, it also includes taking steps to find a qualified and reliable makeup artist. That includes several issues including the skills, experience, and style of the makeup artist. If you consider such steps from the get-go then it will be more likely to find a makeup artist that best suits your needs. On the other hand, if there are problems, then you should think twice about selecting a particular makeup artist.