Pros & Cons of Being A Wedding Planner

written on Thu 29 September 2016 by

As you probably already know, a wedding planner coordinates all aspects of the big day for a bride and groom. This can involve absolutely anything from helping to select a dress and developing a theme to securing the best and most appropriate venue for the lucky couple and helping to plan a catering menu. While many aspects of the role itself are very glamorous and the job satisfaction is second to none, it is also a role that requires a great deal of patience, charm and energy. You’ve got to be creative to be successful in wedding planning and in this guide we’ve put together the pros and cons of the job.

As a planner, you will usually find yourself working as self-employed rather than for a large company. There’s a lot of brilliant pros to working for yourself because you can decide whether to charge a flat fee for your services or you can tack a percentage onto the key wedding expenditures. For example if you’re a planner with a client who has a ten thousand pound wedding and your fee is ten percent, you are looking at a cool grand to come home with for one wedding. Of course, there’s a lot involved in wedding planning so it’s not like you’re making easy money: it’s a hard job with long hours. The larger and more elaborate the wedding, the higher the earnings will be for you.

Another wonderful perk of the role is the potential for travel to exotic locations for destination weddings and you also get to sample a wide range of gourmet foods. If you enjoy planning parties and special events and don’t find the attention to detail aspect to be too troubling, but rather exciting, fun and challenging, this could be an excellent line of work for you.

The thing is, the person who fully plans a wedding takes the stress off the bride planning it. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be potentially dealing with a bridezilla! You would often be dealing with the families and friends of the bride and groom in the attempt to coordinate people and get responses to invitations. This can sometimes be a contentious group of people, with two families often having competing views on what a wedding should be like. The planner often runs interference on behalf of the bridal couple to ensure their wishes are being met during the planning process. Additionally, weddings can be emotional, high-stress and expensive affairs! A bridesmaid who forgets her dress, flower bouquets that don’t come out as expected or a wedding cake that falls apart in the back of a delivery van are all potential landmines that as the planner you will need to have back up plans for.

Everyone involved will look to you for quick thinking and action to handle problems when they arise and if you can handle that kind of a pressurised situation then this is the role for you.