How You Can Use Garden Mirrors

written on Fri 26 May 2017 by

Outdoor mirrors are an absolutely wonderful addition to any garden but they are especially useful in courtyard-like gardens which are limited in space and tend to look a little overcrowded. Tall narrow mirrors create an illusion of space in an otherwise cramped garden and in larger gardens can make it look even grander. Think green squares of grass made to look like football fields and you’ll be on track. Ultimately you want your garden to shine and as long as you ensure you’ve done that in a safe manner you really cannot go wrong. For a more interesting reflection plant swathes of sunflowers or bold coloured sprays of rose bushes. You will look like you have double the foliage in your garden and this illusion can have an excellent effect on your mood. With the creation of light and space you’ve essentially ensured your garden is a place you want to spend your time in. Roof terraces and balconies especially could do with a makeover including garden mirrors and well placed mirrors can actually add a whole new dimension to your garden.

If you make a point of using small and round mirrors through the garden you will succeed in creating that window-like effect into other worlds. The mirrors will reflect the greenery and flowers you already have planted and make it look like a much larger garden and can give the magic of a doorway. Make sure you surround it in foliage and create that illusion of a garden beyond your own. Large window frame mirrors that are created by can make it look like a doorway into another world and that in itself is just magical, especially for children.

Companies such as add a lot of pizzazz to outdoor spaces and you really have to think about where you want to place your mirror and what you want to achieve from your garden. Be smart about what you want to reflect, though. The last thing you want is mirrors reflecting waste pipes, bird houses covered in faeces or broken window panes. Placing a mirror opposite a wall will not have the same effect as a mirror placed opposite a large hedge full of well-placed wildflowers. Use full length mirrors where you can strategically place along tall fences and high walls. This will make it look like there is another garden to explore.

Be mindful of wildlife when placing mirrors around the garden. Placing mirrors too high up can impact bird life and make them confused as to where they should fly. The last thing you need in your pretty reflective garden is smashed pigeons for the cats to feed on. Being smart about mirror safety, if you are in a hot country it isn’t particularly intelligent to place mirrors around a garden where the grass may be drier as essentially you are creating a large fire hazard and can cause a massive brush fire. Of course, this may be a look you want to go for but if not, waterproof wood paint is your friend.