A Guests Guide To Wedding Wear

written on Fri 09 September 2016 by

Choosing your wedding wear is usually dictated to by the type of wedding you are attending and the polite thing to do is to confirm to the right wedding clothes. Other than the bridal party and the groom’s party, the guests make a wedding as the photos reflect the day that will be long remembered. There’s something wrong with rocking up at a wedding and reception in a full velour lurid green Juicy Couture tracksuit unless of course the invitation tells you that tracksuits or sports are the theme. If the wedding is held as the full works of a huge church do, castle reception sitting and dancing in the evening then you can be pretty assured that the wedding is the type that requires pretty formal dress. This means cocktail dresses, pretty shoes and suits for the gentlemen in attendance. As long as the bride wears whatever beautiful gown she has chosen and the bridesmaids, flower girls, groom and groomsmen are in the correct wear, the guests have to go with etiquette when it comes to choosing their own attire. That is always an important rule to remember!

You ladies should be conscious of the colours you choose when it comes to the dresses and skirt suits you wear try not to stand out too much or blend to the wedding party colours. Children should aim to be in smaller versions and little boys in tiny suits which are ridiculously adorable. Men should be in suits or at least shirt and trousers and perhaps not buy from websites that have Bruhl trousers for sale or Laine Taylor shirts for sale. Generally these are good for parties but not quite for wedding receptions. Weddings are actually the best excuse to dress your best from top to toe so getting hair and makeup done can make you feel fantastic for the evening festivities.

A wedding is a formal affair when it comes to the big budget weddings and unless specific on the invite that says ‘where whatever you like’ you should make every effort to wear more formal dress. Be aware that weddings do tend to have a lot of dancing so wearing shoes that don’t kill would be a good idea. Or at least do what most women do and have flats hidden away in the handbag to switch over after the cake is cut and the speeches are done. Keeping children in formal comfort is also a priority as it’s going to be expected that they will spill food or drinks down themselves during the day or get dirty while running over grassy areas or dance floors. Men are pretty lucky when you think about it. Smart suits and shirts are very easily tailored should you choose to go down that route. Others go for the smart look from the high street and then there are options from supermarkets.